Not only is she good at cutting hair...

but, apparently, she is also quite the makeup artist!

Don't you just want to kiss those lips?!?!?!?!



Did this today:

Apparently she didn't get the memo that mullets are NOT in right now.
I guess this is payback for me cutting my cousin's hair when I was young....

Here is Kam hiding behind the couch from her dad. She called him on the phone to tell him what she did and also told him "I won't cut my new hair when I get it." Baby girl, that new hair is going to take a while to grow back!! Then she called my mom to tell her and grandma asked her if she got in trouble and she said "I didn't get in trouble YET but I think my mom might beat me later." HAHAHA I didn't beat her. At least not yet! ;)



This is what we d id ALL night long. Courtesy of B's 30 hour migraine, complete with vomiting. The trip to the hospital was RIDICULOUS. Why is UVRMC's E.R. so freaking stupid? Why?



Kam in HER green and MY boots and ALWAYS having to strike a pose!

Ryder with his leprechaun trap he had to build for school.

Pretty hardcore for a dude that is wearing a Dora Mermaid Band-Aid. I'm just saying....

Happy St. Patrick's Day. I hope everyone has a great green day!



Ryder is in love. With a 6th grader. Because she told him that he was "cute". Yesterday in the lunch room. How sweet.



Today is a happy day.

I am happy because I got my toes painted SUPER cute (missed you Angie...next time).

Yes, I am aware that I have ugly toes. Thanks.

And my children are happy because they built nests out of blankets and garnished the nests with a hard boiled egg.

Yes. They are hanging out in the nests sitting on the eggs. At least they're hard boiled, right?


A couple of weekends ago, Brandon and a few of his buddies went down to St. George to ride their road bikes in the Zions Century race. They rode 103 miles (half of the race is UP hill) and it took them around 6 hours to finish.

Brandon and Jim after the race. FYI: I'm a sucker for a guy in bike tights. H-O-T. Seriously.

Since only the guys went down, they didn't have anyone (a.ka. women) to remind them to put their sunscreen on....

These pictures don't even show how red he really was. It was SO bad. His nose for sure had some serious burns. Kam kept telling him he should have worn a long sleeve shirt....yes that would have been a great idea! Or sunscreen would've helped!