I celebrated my 27th birthday last week. I'm getting old, I know! My birthday was good. My in-laws took me & Kam to lunch at La Casita. B, Kam and I (Ryder thought it would be more fun to go to Grandma Glenda's house...:() went to dinner later that night and then we did cake and ice cream at my house! My SIL, Bree, didn't think I should have to make my own cake on my birthday so she made me this:

And made my day!! Thanks Bree!! You are too funny!

B and Kam gave me some lotion, bubble bath and REALLY cute cards!
Ryder gave me the movie Twilight and I think he was WAY more excited than I was. I've already seen it 3 times, but he has been dying to see it. So, we watched it that night and he LOVED it...funny boy!

Then on Friday night, we had a little get together at my house with some friends. Thanks for those who came. And for those of you who didn't show...you suck! ;)

Jenny, me, Julie & Tia

All in all it was a great birthday. Now, it's time to start planning for Ryder's!



He has a milk mustache...hehe.

Here is my toothless boy!! He was so funny about the whole teeth falling out thing! Here is his story:

His tooth first got loose probably 6 months ago. He would never wiggle it and had no desire for it to come out so it never got any looser. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that he had a tooth coming in behind it. I talked to the dentist's office and they told me to either try to get the tooth to come out on our own or bring him down to the office and they would pull it out. So, we decided to do it on our own. Every time I would go to wiggle it he would cry: "I'm going to die, I'm going to die." I kept telling him that he wasn't going to die. EVERYONE loses their teeth and no on has ever died from it. His response: "Then, I will probably be the first person the ever die from losing a tooth." HAHAHA That had me rolling. Seriously. DRAMA.
I noticed yesterday that the tooth coming in behind the loose tooth had broke the surface so I figured we had to get it out. He cried and cried and again did the whole "dying" bit. We wiggled it for a while and then I yanked on it. He started to whine. Telling me that it hurt and that I couldn't touch the tooth again. LITTLE DID HE KNOW, I WAS HOLDING HIS TOOTH IN MY HAND!!! I told him that I wouldn't touch it again for the night if he would just give one good yank on it. So, he went to go tug on it and he couldn't find it. It was hilarious. And after it was all said and done he thought it was funny. And told me that it didn't hurt that bad. And now, he has the cutest little lisp when he talks. He wrote a note for the tooth fairy asking if he could keep his tooth and when he woke up: the tooth and note were still there and there was no money. STUPID TOOTH FAIRY forgot to leave some cash. Seriously? On his first tooth? After Ry ate breakfast we went in his room to "double check" and sure enough, there was some cash in the pillow case. The tooth fairy must have hid it in there..........



I was going to clean my house. Like dust and scrub the bathtubs and the toilets and wash the baseboards and clean the carpets and.....(you know, the list goes ON and ON). Instead we did this:

ALL DAY LONG!!! In fact, I think from now on, this is what our cleaning day is going to consist of! Every cleaning day. I like the sound of that! ;)


White Wash Sand Dunes

We left last week while it was snowing and ended up here:

Beautiful and WARM!!!

Ryder & Kambree playing in the sand.

Ry riding his motorcycle. And catching some air:

Clean and sand free...at least until the morning! :)

Kambree LOVES riding on daddy's bike! In fact, all she wants for her birthday is a "motorcycle. A pink one!"

Dune buggy ride!

Kam and River hanging out on the tailgate "fishing" and eating popsicles!

What a great trip we had. The weather was great, the kids had fun (and were kept busy with the sand and rock "cliffs" they were climbing, we had fun and we can't wait to go back!!



We are leaving this cold crappy weather and heading out camping to warmer weather!!! I'll be back on Sunday, though, just in time for MY birthday week!!! Have a great Spring Break!



Kam found her dad's riding socks and thought they were the bomb!!

She also insisted that I get a picture of them with her panties...(this girl would run around all day in her undies if I would let her...and sometimes I do!)



We had a great Easter this year. We started off with our annual Easter Egg Hunt at my cousin Kim's house on Saturday. It's always a blast and the kids LOVE it, especially finding all their treats!

My cute little Easter Bunny!

Easter Egg Hunt!
My little Ry-Ry!!
Ryder also informed me that he saw my feet instead of the Easter Bunny's underneath his door this year. I wasn't surprised because earlier in the day he said (in his own words): "Yeah, like there is a bunny that can really talk AND hop around to everyone's house to hide their eggs." What a smart a**!!


MOAB & The BIG Blue Can

Brandon & the kids at Dead Horse Point...SOOOO pretty!

Kam bought these glasses in Moab and hasn't taken them off since!
Cheese! (Notice the snow behind her!)
Ryder riding his dirt bike...finally. We took the training wheels off a while ago and he has been scared, but finally got on this weekend. We couldn't get him off!
We went down to Moab from Wednesday to Sunday and had fun, despite the cold weather and snow. We were able to get some rides in on the four wheeler and motorcycles!! Hopefully next year when we go it will be warmer!

P.S. I got a letter in the mail telling me that the recycling program for Spanish Fork will start June 1st!! :) So, if you live in SF and want a BIG BLUE CAN, go here and sign up!!