This is called husband tag folks...but I guess Bree needed a good laugh so she tagged me!!!!

I've been tagged...
What's your husband's name? Seriously Bree...what is wrong with you? You know this is a sore subject...
How long have you guys been married? We. Are. Not.
How long did you date? It will be 9 years on January 1st. WOW!
How old is he? 28
Who eats more sweets? I do.
Who said "I love you" first? Brandon
Who is taller? B, by exactly 1 foot.
Who is the better singer? I don't know. I honestly don't think I have ever heard Brandon sing.
Who does the laundry? ME
Who pays the bills? B, for sure. I have a really bad memory and forget to pay bills!!!!
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me...and it's closer to the door. I guess if someone breaks in, he wants them to get to me first!!
Who mows the lawn? Brandon...but I did mow the lawn for the first time this summer! (And it took me a good couple hours and it was entertaining for the neighbors!)
Who cooks dinner? Me...always. I don't think B knows how to cook.
Who drives? Brandon
Who's the first to admit they are wrong? ME, ME, ME. I think B's greatest fear in life is to admit that he is wrong. He just can't do it.
Who kissed who first? Brandon kissed me!
Who asked out who first? Brandon
Who wears the pants? Hmmm...it's probably about 50/50 around here.

I tag...Christy, Heather, Tricia, Tia and anyone else who wants to do it.



I don't really care that it isn't Christmas yet, or that there is no snow on the ground, or that my Christmas decorations aren't even up yet OR the fact that we haven't even had THANKSGIVING yet...but I'm gonna sport a Christmas background for TWO reasons: 1) I wish it was December and 2) Because I don't like any of the Thanksgiving backgrounds...sorry if I offended any of you Thanksgiving background lovin' people!



We took the kids to the ZOO on Sunday. Perfect Weather. Before we went in Ryder asked for a coin to toss in the waterfall/pond at the front. I gave them each a quarter and told them to make a wish.

Ryder threw in his quarter and said "I wish my mom would let me have a pet rat."

Kambree threw in her quarter and said "I pledge allegiance to my mom."



You have something on your face and a little P.S. ....

Kam came running out of the kitchen the other day (so proud...I might add) to tell me about how she drew her name on her face....in WHITE OUT! She kept saying "Look mom, do you see the big K right there?" Well, I tried to get it off and guess what...White Out doesn't come off with soap and water. I thought about putting finger nail polish remover on it...but I thought that was a little harsh and just figured it would come off. Well, the next night she comes down with a case of croup and we have to take her to the doctors office at 10 pm. She's fighting a fever, a terrible cough and the last thing on my mind is the white stuff on her face. So as Brandon is getting her out of the truck at the doctor's office he is so EMBARRESSED by the white stuff all over her face that he wants me to carry her. I made him carry her, but luckily there was no one in the waiting room. Poor girl has a broken finger and white stuff all over her face...I can only imagine what people thought. Turns out everyone in the doctor's office thinks it is hilarious and cute! The nurse calls to have the other nurse come look at it and then the doctor thought it was funny too!

So, the next day we up to my parents and I think my dad thought I was a bad mom, because he went and got on the computer to google "how to take white out off your face". Keep in mind it's been on her face for a couple of days now. He told me that acetone (a.k.a. finger nail polish remover), WD-40, sandpaper....

That night I tried the finger nail polish remover since she was in the tub and I could wash her face off really fast and guess what? I scrubbed and scrubbed with the polish remover and it WOULD NOT take it off. So B went and found me some WD-40...came right off. Interesting, eh? So the moral to THIS story is: 1) WD-40 will take white out right off your toddler's face AND 2) put the white out where you kids can't draw their name on their face because it's a pain in the a$$ to remove...

P.S. That picture doesn't do her "name" on her face justice, her hands are covering up a lot of the white out! :)


TaG...i'M iT!

4th Photo in the 4th Folder Tag!

April 2006...it was fun to see an old picture. I'm just thanking my lucky stars it wasn't a naked picture of Brandon!! HAHA :)

I tag: Tricia, Tia, Teena, and anyone else who wants a trip down memory lane!



Since I last posted and therefore, it's going to be picture OVERLOAD. Don't say I didn't warn you! :)

Just a funny pic...but Kam spends a lot of her time staring at herself in the mirror usually singing or making funny faces.

Last Saturday we went to a Cookie Decorating Party hosted by my cousin Nicky. She always does the funnest and most creative parties. Here are the goods to decorate:

I made a sugar filled punch (as if the kids needed more sugar) but it had a "DEAD FROZEN HAND" in it:

Ryder & Isabel decorating cookies (I didn't get any pics of Kam...bad mom!):

Then on Sunday we went to my cousin Kim's for the ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARTY. We do trunk or treating and dinner.

The cute eyeball cupcakes the kids and I made:

Kam trunk or treating. She is suppose to be "Hannah Antanna", but I couldn't get her stupid wig to stay on...

Ryder & Isabel (a.k.a. Jasmine & Drake) Drake is from a video game...don't ask!

We went bowling at the Payson Bowling Alley which is awesome for 2 reasons: 1. They serve beer and 2. There are often celebrity sightings....like Gary Coleman...hahaha At least we didn't get ran over!! B getting his bowl (or drink) on!

I went on a field trip with Kam and her preschool class to the BIG RED BARN. Kam and her little friend:

Kam picking out the PERFECT and slightly rotting pumpkin:

We found out Kam had a broken finger. It had been broken for 10 days before I finally decided to take her into the doctor (I know, I know...I deserve the MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD). She hadn't complained about it so I just thought she hurt it (her cousin slid into her finger on his knees)! She also got a flu shot and the doc and she was so proud because "I wasn't even scared and it didn't even hurt. I am so brave!"
Then Kambree had a Halloween Party at school and wanted to be a ROCKSTAR....

Then we went over to Lindon to the Nightmare Express. It was a HAUNTED train ride that went through this guy's backyard. It was pretty fun! Ryder & Kambree posing. This is Kam's new pose...I know it's weird and she just happened to have a mouthful of popcorn...sorry!

Kam with one of the SCARERS:

Kam and Mom on the train (and part of Kasey's head!):

Then Ryder had a parade at school so Kam, Brandon and I went over to the school and watched:

IT WAS FINALLY HALLOWEEN NIGHT!!!! Hannah and Drake getting ready to go to my mom's school for a little trick or treating (as if they needed ANY more candy by this point) and dinner:

And to end the night we finally got to take the kids around the neighborhood to do some good ole fashioned door to door trick or treating. I don't have any pics of Ryder because him and Brandon took off ahead of us because Kam is a little SLOW. I stayed behind with a couple of my neighbors and their kids. Here is a pic of Kam and her friend Ky or Ariel:

After we got home I told the kids they could either have their candy or I would buy it from them. Ryder chose the $5, Kam took the candy! :)

Hope you all had a great Halloween. And I WARNED YOU ABOUT THE LENGTH OF THIS POST!!!!!