I can't believe it is already November. Where does the time go? October is one of my favorite months of the year. However, this October wasn't up to par. I had bronchitis, which put me out for a good week. Then as soon as I started to get feeling better, Kam came down with the "piggy flu", as she calls it. She has been down for a week and is slowly getting better. Now if Kam and I can just get rid of these damn coughs we have....

Kam getting ready to go to dance. I think this is the only time she got to go to dance in October since she was sick. Don't you just love those leg warmers?!?

Kam's preschool class went on a fieldtrip to the pet store. And Kam was fearless. I LOVE this trait about her. She was the only one in the class that would touch all the animals.

Future hair stylist?!?!

Since I spent so much time on the couch this month being sick, this was my view. I LOVE my new wall color!!

My cousin Kim has a Halloween Party every year. B took the kids and I stayed home in bed. :(

These are ALL of my nieces and nephews.

Note: Kam is a witch. This IS her Halloween Costume. However, this was the only time she wore it. Keep reading...you will see why.

We carved pumpkins one night.

Kam's pumpkin.

Ry's pumpkin.

Ry's Halloween Parade at school.

Grandma Glenda invited us to go to her school Trick or Treating. The kids had fun and got LOTS of candy.

Kam's second costume. She wanted to be a "rock star".

I think you have enough candy when you have to drag your bag.....

I took these kids to the spooky train ride in Lindon. It was fun.

Kam and Cookie lounging around.

Our Halloween Costumes. HILARIOUS. A couple of things you can't see in this picture:
Our sweet Nascar tattoos.
My pregnant belly with the words "who's my daddy" written on it.
And best of all: B's SHORT SHORT shorts. They were dead sexy.
All joking aside. Every single person at that party is going to have to go to therapy. What they saw with those SHORT SHORTS is just terrible!! LOL

3rd costume. Halloween night. Begged her to be a witch. She wanted to be a "rock star with a mohawk." Her hair is so long, but I did the mohawk as best I could. Later that evening my dad asked her to do something and she said "rockstars don't do what they're told". Damn right, baby girl!

We only went trick or treating to a few houses since she was under the weather. Hopefully we can kick this sickness in the butt and get on with normal life!