Kam and I were at Walmart today doing some grocery shopping when Kam starts yelling (literally 2 feet away from this lady) "Oh my gosh mom (in her valley tone voice...of course) she has ugly hair. MOM MOM (I was busy...not really paying attention to what she was saying and I didn't realize the lady she was making fun of was right next her.) Do you see her hair mom? That is so ugly."

So, I hurried and took Kam around the corner to the next aisle and I was SO embarressed. I mean...what do you do? Her hair was a little funky...bleach blonde on the top and jet black on the bottom.

Good times.



Last week (or maybe even the week before that) my mom, the girls & the kids went up to Gardner Village to see the witches. It's a fun little tradition that we do every year. Except it was SO cold this year we had to start out with some "Spider Cider" and "Pink Hot Chocolate" at one of the little shops. We always look around at the witches, go into a few shops, eat dinner at Archibalds and THEN (the kids' favorite part) we go into the Candy Shoppe and the kids get to pick out a treat. After Gardner Village we usually go to Tai Pan to check out their Christmas decorations and their lovely trees which puts me in the mood for CHRISTMAS!!!! It's always a good time and we look forward to doing this every year!

Morgan, Isabel, Ryder, Kya & Dagen

Morgan, Taylor, Kam, Isabel & Ryder

I wish I had a picture of EVERYBODY, but I actually just stole this pics of my sisters blog because when we got up there and I took my camera out to take some pics, Brandon had taken out the memory card..so my camera was useless!! And Christy (HINT HINT) has still not sent me the pics she took like she was suppose to! :)



Ryder was home "sick" yesterday so he sat on the couch most of the day watching cartoons. All of a sudden he comes running into my room to tell me about something that he saw on TV.

"Mom, mom...there is this thing on TV that you can buy and it makes hamburgers and you can make like 5 at a time AND it only takes like 2 minutes to cook the hamburgers. You really need to buy it mom. MOM..Do you want to come look at it...MOM?"

The whole time he is SO excited to be telling me this and he is running his mouth at about 100 mph. I couldn't figure out what in the sam hell he was talking about. And then I remembered...It's the Billy Mays Hamburger Press. (What else is this guy going to sell?) I couldn't stop laughing!!!!

P.S. And why do they put these kind of things on the commercials for children's cartoons? EVERY time (without fail) that Kam watches cartoons, she gets so excited about all the commercials with toys on them. Her list for Christmas just keeps getting longer and longer......

P.S.S. This post made it sound like my kids watch a grundle of T.V. They don't...I promise! :)



I have been so busy, but have lots to post about. So, stay tuned!



Brandon flew out to Idaho last week to pick up a brand new truck. We got rid of the Titan (sobbing) and replaced it with a new Chevy Duramax (spelling)? I loved the Titan and since I am the one who usually drives it (B drives my car to work) I guess I am the one with the new vehicle.

CONS of the new truck:
1) No backup sensor. (Watch out neighbor kids...)

2) It's longer than the Titan and THAT truck was hard for me to park. (And let's face it...no one wants a larger rear end.)

3) No T.V. (at least not yet). No more listening to Sleeping Beauty. I have not seen that movie in years, but it was in the Titan since March and I can recite the whole movie for you...word for word. Wait....maybe this should be under Pro's! :) Ha, it's a con because the kids fight more!

4) The backseat is smaller, therefore, the children are closer to my ears and with Con #3...it's LOUD!!!

5) There are not footsteps (yet) and I'm short...so that poses a little bit of a problem!


1) The smell of new leather...mmmmm

2) XM Radio. Hello uncensored music.

3) Cleanliness. No matter how clean you keep your vehicle...a new vehicle is wonderfully CLEAN!

4) Bigger, Stronger Engine. (Bigger is better....right?) This will be better for pulling the trailer! :)

5) Now that B got a new truck (TECHNICALLY it is his) it is now my turn for a new car! Holla.

On that note...I hope everyone has a great day!




Pulled out the Halloween Stuff yesterday and Kam can't get enough of these: