We are out of here!! Brandon is just hopping in the shower and then we are heading to the airport!! I am actually getting REALLY sad to leave the kids. I was ready to leave them yesterday, (they were being naughty) but I am tearing up right now because I am sad to leave them behind. I know that Ash and Jake will take good care of them while we are gone. They will be flying out Friday to meet us in Disney World...I can't wait!! Thanks Bree, Heather & Brent and Becky for helping out with kids while we are gone. We'll take lots of pictures and I can't wait to post them!! Until then.....Ciao!



Just a little F.Y.I.

I have been checking the weather in the Bahamas and Orlando since we are leaving very soon for our trip... and the forecast calls for "SCATTERED THUNDERSTORMS & SHOWERS" the whole time we are in the Bahamas. And then, it is suppose to rain the first day we are in Disney World. I hope this all changes!! Can everyone please Positive Image no rain and ONLY sunshine!! :) Until then, I think I am going shopping for an umbrella and rain boots!!!!!



I would just like to give a shout out to my Brother in law, Ben. Today while all of us were enjoying a nice Easter outing, he was running a 50K at Antelope Island. His goal was to finish in under 6 hours and he made it in 5 1/2 hours, taking 5th in his age group and 20th overall. I'm not sure exactly how many miles a 50K is, but I think it is around 34 MILES!! 34 MILES...who does that? Who runs for 5 1/2 hours? That is just cRaZy!! I hope Ben knows how proud we are of him on accomplishing such an amazing task. He totally rocks and in my eyes is a total rock star for doing something this awesome! GOOD JOB BEN!!!


Every year for the last 900 years we have gone to my Aunt Pat's the day before Easter for an Easter Egg hunt in the woods behind her house. Ok, so I don't really know how long we have been doing this, but I am 25 years old and have never missed a year. It's a really fun tradition and I am glad that my kids are a part of it now. My cousin, Kim, actually has it as her house now and it is just right next door to my Aunt Pat's. We all had a ton of fun!!

Ryder being a good big brother and pushing Kam on the swing!
Kambree and her cousin Myli swinging away! (Ryder was giving all the little kids pushes. He is such a stud!)
Kam and Daddy looking for treasures.
Ryder and his cousin Isabel on the hunt!



Kambree still has long hair. I thought a cut would be a nice change. But, you all voted that her hair stays long...and I respect the voting community! Brandon told me there was no way we were cutting it, even if the poll said we should. I would have cut it even without his "permission"! So, here are some pictures of Kam after she got her hair done today! I bought some curlers for her hair and they were quick, easy and now she won't have to wear "piggy's" every single day! And yes, she is wearing my high heels around the house!



So, as many of you know Brandon and I are flying to the Bahamas at the end of this month. I know it sounds nice and great, however, there is one HUGE problem. I HATE to fly! I have severe anxiety about flying, especially for 6 hours. The flight there won't be too bad, considering I only have to take care of myself. But, on the flight home I will have 2 kids with me that I will need to attend to and entertain. It's a possibility that I will pretend like I do not know who they are and just let them run wild. And let them peek over the seats and entertain themselves while annoying the other passengers. And argue amongst themselves like they usually do. And probably cry. In the meantime, I will be sitting in the window seat (it's the only place I can sit), trying to find something to focus on, while I do my anxiety-relieving breathing techniques (yes, I really do them), with sweaty palms and HORRIBLE thoughts going through my head. I eyeball every passenger looking for anything suspicious. I know this sounds CRAZY but I am EXTREMELY nervous to fly. So, if any of you have any suggestions, ANY at all, please send them my way. Especially flying with kids. How can I entertain them for 4 hours?!?!?!



May I introduce another part of our family.

This is Max. Max is our 7 year old cat and Brandon's little "buddy". He is a really pretty cat, however, he is such a diva. He will only drink fresh water out of the sink, will only sleep right next to Brandon on the bed and constantly sits at the kitchen door wanting to go outside only to run immediately around back to the sliding glass door and want back in. I think it's safe to say that our feelings for each other are mutual. He's not very fond of me either!

And our other family member is Cookie, a ferret. Yes, I said it, a ferret. Gross, I know what you are thinking. I didn't really want to get her, but Brandon and the kids were crazy about her. Plus, she was a cute little baby when we got her. But now, I love her. She is the cutest, funnest animal EVER. She loves to play and loves the kids. Kam thinks the ferret is her baby and carries her wrapped up in a blanket like one. To be honest, I am surprised she is still alive with all the hugging, cuddling, bouncing and choking (not intentionally) that she receives from Kambree. She loves to chase the cat around the house. Max is scared to death of her which is ironic since he eats things bigger than her! She hops when she gets excited and makes a really cute squeaking noise. She also loves to take our flip flops and hide them under the couch. Please come and see her if you would like. I promise if you come over you will not smell her. I am very particular about her taking her raspberry scented baths and her Odor-Out which eliminates all odors from her body (you know what I'm talking about)...I'm sure you all wanted to know that!!


So, it only took me about 2 months to finally get "START BLOG" checked off my to do list! Whew! What a relief...now I can move on to more important things, like chase my children! I thought we would start a blog since everyone else has and so you could see what we were up to. Brandon is currently training for 2 triathlons that he will be doing this summer. This, along with work takes up a lot of his time. It will be so nice when summer comes around and we can go camping and break away from the hustle and bustle of every day life! I am currently counting down the days until March 31st. That will be the day I leave behind this cold weather and head to Atlantis in the Bahamas for 5 days with my man! Then, we will leave behind the peaceful and quiet Bahamas and head to Disney World for another 5 crazy filled days. The kids and Becky (B's mom) will be joining us there! I will think of you all in the cold while I lay on the beach!!! Ryder is in Kindergarten and LOVES it (most days). He has convinced me today that he is seriously ill and can't go to school. After learning that he won't be able to play with friends if he is that sick, he has decided that he's really feeling pretty good now! He loves to play and I usually don't see him too much. He has a ton of little neighbor friends and they play ALL day! Kambree is home all day with me (except for the 1 day a month the neighbor watches her while I volunteer in Ry's class) and she is a handful. She likes to play with the neighbor kids and always tries to hang out with Ryder and his friends. She is into EVERYTHING and is a very troublesome little girl. I hope when she turns 3 she will stop with her "naughty" ways. Don't worry, I will start to take pictures and post all the things she does. You will be amazed!! Sorry for the novel, but welcome to our blog!!!