For this guy:

And this guy too:

You see, B, will be riding his bike in Stage 4 of the TOUR OF UTAH tomorrow. It's 96 miles of pure HELL! It's not the distance that is difficult, it's the climbing in this race. They will climb OVER 14,000 feet!!! 14,000 FEET!!!! Read the description of where the race goes below, it is INSANE!! This stage that he will be riding in is the HARDEST STAGE RACE IN AMERICA. Whoa....

"They start in Park City then head east across the farmlands of Summit County. Turning back west, riders enter what seems like another country, the Swiss-inspired town of Midway. After briefly skirting Deer Creek Reservoir, the race plunges down Provo Canyon, then turns sharply uphill as it passes Robert Redford’s Sundance resort, where it begins to climb the difficult Alpine Loop. This legendary Utah route ascends through narrow stands of aspen and fir trees, crests a saddle just under the summit of Mt. Timponogas, and plunges down a twisty, narrow highway that rivals the Alps for sheer beauty and danger. Descending back into and through suburbia, riders suffer up a “small” bump over Traverse Ridge before they have to tackle the deciding 8-12 percent climb up Little Cottonwood Canyon to the Creekside Center at the Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort."

They say this is going to be the biggest cycling day in Utah's history and I'm so proud of B for training so hard for this. I'm heading up to Snowbird tomorrow to wait at the finish line!! If you want to come up and cheer B on, he would really appreciate it!! He is hoping to finish in around 6 hours, so I was planning on being up there at noon. If you are coming, remember they will be closing down Little Cottonwood around 2 p.m. GOOD LUCK B, LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

On the same day, Ben (my bro in law) will be running in the LEADVILLE TRAIL 100 in Leadville, Colorado. Oh yes, he will be RUNNING 100 MILES "out and back in the midst of the COLORADO ROCKIES." The majority of this race is ran on trails. TRAILS, people. Nothing flat and smooth about it. He will be running for OVER 24 HOURS.

I'm so proud of these 2 for accomplishing such amazing goals of theirs!! They train like crazy for these events, which can be hard on Heather and I since it is EXTREMELY time consuming. Sometimes, I think B loves his bike more than the kids and I. ;) Good luck boys!!!!


We had the annual reunion this year up Strawberry. It was a lot of fun!!

My mom and Shauna playing a "game"!

Ryder and Dagen making a craft. It was a cute zebra piggy bank.

Ryder at the FiSh PoNd.

Kam FiShIn'.

Kam at the races. She won and got herself a QUARTER!!

Ryder at the races. Great action shot. However, I think he got "chicked"...

Kam in the sawdust. Right in the MIDDLE. Looking for treats & money.

Ryder in the sawdust. He wanted NOTHING to do with the candy and was only looking for $$.

Pinata time!