I know I am SUPER late posting this, but blogger (or my computer) hates me for some reason and won't let me post pics.

Father's Day:

We started the day by going to B's parent's house. I took the camera, but forgot about it and left it in the truck...dang! The kids and B went for a dip in the pool and loved every minute of it!!

Then we headed to my parent's cabin in Strawberry for a BBQ. I did remember to use my camera!!! It's a MiRaClE!!

The kids went on 4-Wheeler rides. Ryder, Taylor & Graden.

Kam played dress up (with a dirty face).

Some of her MANY poses...

Kam and Papa Larry. It's impossible to get her to smile for the camera. She prefers to make weird faces, strange poses or not do anything at all. At least Grandpa smiled!!

THEN we got home. Kam and Ryder took a bath together. Out of NOWHERE Kam gets a bloody nose. And blood is everywhere. Well, she thinks it is funny so she starts smearing it all over her stomach and then she would try to get Ryder with it (who is freaking out..by the way)!! Kambree keeps saying over and over "where is the blood coming from?" We would tell her it was coming from her nose and she would say "no, it's not my blood. Where is the blood from?" She never got it!! But B and I were laughing so hard because she seriously didn't think it was her blood and wanted to know where it was coming from!

Oh...Good Times!!



These pictures are old, but better late than never...right?!

First there was Memorial Day Weekend. We went camping to Mayfield and it was a rainy sucker. Seems all our camping trips get rained out these days....we did get ONE day without rain! ;)

Kam riding her 3-wheeler (this is what she calls the 4-wheelers). She loves it, even though it's a little bit small for her!

The armless wonder...maybe?

Kam getting ready to go for a ride.

And they're back. All nice and muddy.

Aunt Pat brought bug catchers for the kids. And they LOVED them. The kids caught red ants, spiders and grasshoppers. And in case you were wondering, red ants eat grasshoppers.

Checking out her bugs!

Then Kam decided the dog needed a turn carrying her bug catcher. So, she put it around the dog's neck...

Then there was the last day of school:

Apparently, the kids don't sign yearbooks anymore. They autograph each other's skin, clothes, bike's, scooter's.........

THEN, they take it down the street and autograph the mailbox:

Looks like this mailbox belongs to: Ryder Cade Fry, Mom & Dad....HAHA

My sister's dog had baby puppies and Kam is IN LOVE!!! She loves the puppies with all her heart. Too bad her dad is mean and won't let her have one....

Oh YES, and then my brother in law raced in the Squaw Peak 50 mile trail run. 50 MILES, people, in the mountains. He finished in 9 hours and 36 minutes (beating last year's time by 2 1/2 hours). What an awesome accomplishment.

Ben heading to the finish line.

Might I add, when he crossed the finish line, he wasn't even out of breath or really breathing hard. I don't know how these runners do it, but it is AMAZING to watch.


I know, I know, that's not very nice. The thing is, is that this little one:

is the cutest little thing EVER. I'm not kidding. She's even cuter than my own kids.

HOWEVER, those 2 older girls in the picture: N-A-U-G-H-T-Y!!!!!!

They yell, they fight, they scratch, they pull hair, they call names, they spill water ALL over my carpet, they don't listen, they dump out my salt and pepper shakers ALL over the kitchen floor to make "coffee"...oh, they are the EXACT opposite of that little cutie pie they are with in the picture!!!

Other things going on at the FRY household:

Kambree loves the fact that she knows how to rhyme and does it quite often. Example's: sock & clock, pig & wig and my FAVORITE bank & skank. oh. help. me. please.

I know, I don't have a lot of pics of Ry, but it's because that kid is NEVER home. Only to eat, sleep & use the bathroom. Seriously. One night while he was in the shower I was getting after him for never being home and taking care of his pet, and room, etc., to which he replied: "I know, I know mom. But, it's just that I don't have any time. I just have to be out at the jumps all day practicing and getting good so I can get SPONSORED!"

How funny! There are some jumps that someone has built behind our house and all the neighorhood kids go out there and ride their BMX bikes. I think it's cute that they all want to get sponsored.

The kids ARE pretty good on their bikes though. They CAN do some pretty cool tricks, hopefully they will get sponsored!!



I will update my blog. I promise.