Kam's Year End Dance Recital

Kam had her year end dance recital last week and did awesome!! I tried to post the video, but blogger was being a pain in the a. Facebook let me post it, so you can check it out there.

Kam before the recital. Everytime I tell her to smile she gives me this "silly" smile!!!

So pretty!!!

Coming on stage to dance! She kept looking over at us during her dance and giving us a smile to die for! ;)

Start of her first dance. I WISH the video would post on here....

Kam and THE BEST TEACHER EVER, Miss. Sara. Love her and my little munchkin!!

Now, I can't wait for dance to start again the fall.



So...my birth day is over. But, not my birth MONTH! B can't believe I think I need a whole month to celebrate, but what does he know?!

I had a great day. Went to lunch with some friends (forgot my camera). But, I did get a nice surprise after lunch. These:


Went to go to my car and a cop was ticketing me. I was over my 1 hour parking limit, so I hurried and ran up to him and said "Wait, don't give me a ticket. I'm leaving, I'm getting in my car." He said: "too late". I said: "Are you really going to give me a ticket? I am leaving and it's my birthday". And he said (while acting like a douche rocket): "Well, then I guess you shouldn't break the law on your birthday, huh?" To which I replied: "you are lame."

So, he handed me a ticket for being over my 1 hour time limit. And as I get in my car I notice another one on my windshield wiper. So, I get out and look at it and it was a ticket the SAME cop wrote an hour earlier for not having a front license plate. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!

My sweet sister, Heather, watched Kam while I went to lunch with my girlfriends. When I got to Heather's house to pick up Kambree, there was a cupcake cake waiting for me. Her and the girls had baked and decorated it while I was at lunch. I put it in my car and drove home trying to be SO careful. Apparently not careful enough. The LAST turn into my neighborhood and it tipped over:

Good thing I had just vacuumed my car! ;)

Later that night I got home and found these on my kitchen table:

With a note:

that said: "Happy Birthday! Love you so much. Your still hot even though your old."

Then we went to dinner at P.F. Changs with some friends and family (forgot camera..again) and finished the night off with brownies and ice cream!

At the end of the day, I decided that 28 isn't so bad. I mean, I could be turning 30 like Brandon.



to myself. ;) So, today I am officially 28 years old. And it sounds really old to me. I don't know why, it just does. 28 is ALMOST 30. And 30 scares the crap out of me. I still feel like an 18 year old, so I shouldn't let it bug me. But, I probably will.

Anywho, I'm off. To start celebrating my birth-day! WAHOO!!!!!



So...here's the story. We had originally planned on taking a weekend camping trip, coming home for a couple of nights and then leaving again for our annual Moab trip. But, I thought it was such a waste of time to come home and then leave again so soon. So, we merged the 2 trips. I thought I was going to go CRAZY being in the trailer that long and trying to entertain the kids. But we had SOOO much fun and after we left Moab, I told B to not go home. I wanted to keep camping. So, next year we might just try a month of traveling in the trailer! ;)

Ryder on our way to San Rafael:

Kam with her new best friend, Lucky. Our friends came and brought their dog and Kam was in HEAVEN!

Self Portrait:

The fam at The Dutchmen's Arch:

Ryder on Devil's Racetrack in San Rafael. B would want me to point out that Ryder was braver than me. He would go up and down stuff without thinking twice and I would make B drive my fourwheeler on the "scary" parts! LOL The kids thought I was a total baby!!

B and Ry coming off Devil's Racetrack:

The boys going through the tunnel back to camp:

Sunday night our friends left and we camped alone for a couple of nights. We went to Swayse's Cabin:

Ice Box Cave (soo cool):

And we climbed the mountain behind camp:

Ryder and B hiked to the very top and got a pic of me down below:

We left San Rafael and went to Moab. The first day we took the kids into the park and hiked to some arches. Here are the kids in Devil's Garden at Landscape Arch: (we had some sort of theme going on: Devil's Canyon, 5 miles of Hell, Devil's Racetrack, Devil's Garden....weird!)

Ryder at Gemini Bridges:

Kam at Gemini Bridges:

Grandpa Larry playing in Kane Creek with Ryder and Logen:

Kam struttin' her stuff:

We stopped at the HUGE sand hill in Moab and let the kids play. Kam got buried alive:

Ry and Dagen climbed to the top:

Grandpa with the grandkids the 2nd time we went to Gemini Bridges:

Ahhh.....can't wait to go back. We are going to visit San Rafael again. It was SOOO pretty, especially the drive from there to Moab. The scenery was INCREDIBLE!

It was also tons of fun to be able to all ride as a family. Ry has gotten so good on his bike that he takes that out on the trails now. So, him and B bike and Kam and I go on the fourwheeler.

Until next time.....


Easter Egg Hunt at my cousin Kim's house:

Easter Morning:

the goods!

She always does this "pose" when I take a picture.

And he always does this when I take a picture.

Or bunny ears. Even to himself.


Easter Egg Hunt at Grandpa Brent's and Grandma Becky's:

And...we even had one more Easter Egg Hunt at Grandpa Larry's and Grandma Glenda's...but I forgot my camera. Whoops...



I had every intention of updating my blog, changing my Easter background and putting my Easter pictures up on facebook before I left on "the longest camping trip ever" (11 days). But, I didn't. So, now you will have to wait AT LEAST another 11 days for an update from me. Unless, I get super ambitious (or bored) before we leave tomorrow morning BRIGHT and EARLY at 8 am! ;)

I will, however, leave you with the only new picture on my computer. Another one of Kam's self portraits.

p.s. I'm pretty sure it's suppose to be upside down, so I'm not going to fix it!