I went to go take Ryder to school on Monday and someone had broke into the truck. Well, I guess it can't be called "broken into" when you leave your car unlocked...(BRANDON!). So, they stole some change (a whoppin' 3 dollars worth, probably), the truck keys (but they didn't steal the truck?!?), and some other important keys that were in the glove compartment. We are going out of town on Thursday until Monday which kind of worries me. So, I called the police station and they are going to do EXTRA rounds on our block while we are gone, especially the graveyard police officers, plus, I am going to set up some "traps" in my house to catch the little bastards in case they decide to come in while we are gone (we kinda think we know who did it.) I'd tell you what I have up my sleeve, but the thieves could be a fan of my blog...you never know.


Thanks to Ryder biting his fork last night while eating watermelon he now has a loose tooth!!! Isabel has already lost 4 teeth and for a while after that Ry would check his teeth everyday to see if any were loose. Well folks, today is the day that Ryder's tooth became loose! :)



I am looking for a gym partner. Anybody interested? I have a pass at Gold's and love to go, but Ryder HATES the daycare there. So, since he is in school all day now, I can go to the gym again without listening to him whine about being there. (Kam LOVES the daycare!) Anyone interested?


Ryder is in FIRST grade this year!! It is so weird that he is in school ALL day (and kinda nice too)! I think he was most excited about eating school lunch, but so far he loves school! I went to get a picture of him on the first day of school and my camera was dead (I'm not very good with the camera, obviously) so this is his picture on the 2nd day of school. I don't know why he always has a fake smile on...and I had to cut Kam out of the pic because she looked like a total rag muffin! Life is getting easier and will be even easier when Kam starts preschool! :) I can't wait!



Holy crap this stuff is good. I have never had it until my sister gave me a start a few weeks ago. It's delicious and addicting. You sit down to eat 1 piece and next thing you know, they whole loaf is gone. YUMMY! Anyways, I have a couple of starts if anyone wants them....please take them so I don't have to make 8 loafs of bread, 2 will be plenty for us! :)



Does anyone know what kind of flowers these are? I love them and want to plant some next year, but I have NO idea what they are!


We got rid of the kitty. It was SO sad to tell Ryder. The conversation went like this:

Me: "Ry, we have to get rid of the kitty because Max wants to eat him."

Ry: "I want the kitty". (BAWLING!)

Me: "Tell ya what, when Max dies we can get a new kitty."

Ry: "Then let's kill Max." (STILL BAWLING)

Me: "He's going to go to a good home."

Ry: "But we have a good home." (BAWLING HYSTERICALLY)

It was so sad and some of his responses were hilarious. But then,I started to cry because Ryder was having a serious meltdown and I felt bad. I finally convinced him to go chill with the cat and spend some time with him before he left. He went up into his bed and Ry & the cat took a 2 hour nap cuddled up next to each other. It was so cute! After they came and got the cat, you would have NEVER know little "Rexy" even existed. He had such a meltdown and then totally forgot about it!


Kam & Jett had a sleepover at Grandma Becky's house a few weeks ago and while they were sitting in the living room a bird smashed into the window!!! Then they fed the bird some seeds & popcorn. Becky sent me the pictures and told me to ask Kam what happened to the bird. I asked her and she said "he pooped on the deck". And then today when I was going through my pictures I decided to ask her again what happened and she said "oh yeah, he flew into the window and then he pooped on the deck." Funny what she remembers.

Little Mr. Photographer

Ryder went golfing with Grandma Becky last week and I think we might have a little photographer on our hands...



A few weeks ago we went to the Steve Miller Concert. It was SO much fun. Plus, we had GREAT seats...10th row! I swear, the older he gets the better his shows are. Or it could be that all his other shows I went to, I wasn't of drinking age yet. Beer will make a concert better....that's for sure! :)

The guys. Ben, Mike & B. The girls...Cynthia & I are on the other side of the camera people watching!

Steve Miller & his gang. I guess it's really his "band". Steve Miller BAND...duh!

Ben had SO much fun!! It was a blast!

Before the concert started...we had so much fun people watching. Concerts bring out the WEIRDEST people ever! I saw more mullets at the Steve Miller concert than I did at Nascar....surprise, surprise. I can't even go into detail about some of the other people I saw....
At the end of the concert they throw out guitar picks...and guess who caught one. Yep, I DID!!! Ben had caught one about 5 years ago at this concert and still has it in his wallet to this day. So, being the nice person I am, I traded him the guitar pick for shotgun....there's nothing fun about sitting in the backseat of a car with 2 other sweaty, drunk people. Shotgun was well worth the trade!!


Here are some more pictures of Sophie. She is so cute and it's been really fun to have a baby in the family again. It ALMOST makes me baby hungry....(almost being the key word).

Chillin' in her swing. Check out her cute onesies that I got her. They have her name on them...

My cheesy little scrunge-bucket holding Sophie. Or "Soapy" as Kam & Kya pronounce it!


Allright, I finished Breaking Dawn a couple of days ago. Despite all the negative reviews I heard, I liked it. I didn't love it as much as the first 3, but it could be due to the fact that I am pissed this is the last book of the series. I think there is still SO much that could be told. And, I must be honest...there were a couple of things in this last book that kinda freaked me out....

Imprinting. Especially on these young children...kinda grosses me out!
The baby in Bella's stomach that was beating the hell out of her...seemed weird to me.
Did I mention imprinting?


BrEaKiNg DaWn

I finally got my book on Monday. But, I had SO much stuff to do, I didn't want to open it until I knew I could ignore my family & house for a good 3 days! :) So, I started to book yesterday and I think it's pretty good so far. I heard A LOT of bad reviews, but so far...so good!


AnnaSophia is finally here! I was lucky enough to be in the room when she was born. She weighed 6 lbs. 5 oz. (pretty small for being "almost" full term) and was 19" long. Sophie has a mop of dark hair and is dArLiNg! Congratulations Heather & Ben...she is a keeper! :)



A get a call yesterday from Ryder who spent the night at Grandma Becky's. Ry & Jett "rescued" a cat from a tree and he wants to bring it home. He gives me a good sob story about how it's starving and needs something to eat, it keeps crying because it is sad and can't find it's mom and dad....on and on and on. Well, I'm a softy, so I tell Ry he can bring it home. We bought it kitty food, fed it milk, played with it. I really think the cat was about to die from starvation. SO, I nursed it back to health ..(oh yeah. "It's" not really an "it". Brandon says its a him). But, now we have a HUGE problem. Max (our cat) wants to eat him and the ferret wants to hump it. The kids are going to freak...but she has to go. Does ANYONE know someone who wants a baby kitty? He's really cute and playful and she even has been using the litter box. SOMEONE, PLEASE TAKE THE KITTY! :)



I preordered my copy of Breaking Dawn MONTHS ago. And I thought the Email confirmation said it would be here ON or BEFORE August 2nd... Well, guess what? I still have not seen my book and I'm not very happy about it. ALL I WANT TO DO IS READ THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to be waiting outside ALL DAY for the FedEx guy to come today and he better have my book.....


So I want to buy some reusable grocery bags and some new water bottles & sippy cups for my family that are SAFE. I have looked around a little online, but haven't found exactly what I want, especially in the bag department. I have found some sippy cups and water bottles that I like, but they are around $20 EACH...is SIGG a good brand? And, I want some CUTE bags! Where should I look? Please help...Gracias!