1. brandon (most of the time)
2. ryder
3. kambree

(I'm making this easy!!!!)

1. the people I love dying as well as myself
2. anything bad happening to my kids
3. flying

1. start my own business within the next few years
2. lose weight & run a marathon
3. be more patient with my "active" kids

1. blogging...ha ha ha
2. trying to make hair bows for kam
3. reading

1. i have to vacuum my floors in a certain order/direction and my vacuuming lines HAVE to be perfect. and i HATE footprints on my newly vacuumed carpets...drives me crazy.
2. everything in my pantry has a "specific spot" and has to be facing a certain way, and my labels have to match up...it's sad, really.
3. i have my whole wedding planned. i love to watch the show platinum weddings and when i do i have a little book that i write down all the ideas i like so i will remember them when it is time to plan my own wedding. hey, i've had almost 9 years to plan it out!!!!

Okay, I'm tagging these five people:



So, we are thinking about going on a Mexican Riviera cruise the first part of next year (probably January or February). We have never been on a cruise before so if anyone has any tips (what cruise line, what time of year is best to go to Mexico, etc. etc. etc.) please pass them my way!!!!!



My cousin brought this to my attention and it is very interesting (and scary). Click on the link below, especially if you have kids!




Read the post below before you read this...so you understand!!

I am getting read to leave for the dentist.

Ryder: Mom, are you scared to go to the dentist.
Me: Yes, I am.
Ryder: (laughing) But mom, you're big and I'm little and I wasn't even scared to go to the dentist yesterday!

Thanks for the encouragement dude!!!

I come into my bathroom and can smell rubbing alcohol and I notice that Brandon's bottle of pre-shave stuff for his face is empty on the bathroom floor.

Me: Kambree, what did you do?
Kam: I put that all over the rug to clean it.
Me: Your dad is going to beat you when he gets home and sees this. (This is the 2nd bottle in the last month she has done this to.)
Kam: I like it when he beats me!

Sweet, at least we know she likes it!! :)


I had to take Ry into the dentist yesterday because he had FOUR, yes count them 1.2.3.four cavities. But, he was SO awesome at the dentist's office. He didn't even flinch when he got the shots or care when they filled his cavities. In fact, he was getting pretty annoyed at the nurse because he was trying to play Tony Hawk on the Play Station (they had the TV's on the ceiling) and she kept talking to him! In fact, he did so well that Kambree said "I want some cavities too!" And I'm a bad mom, but I kept making him smile because I think he looked SO funny!!!!!

But, next it was my turn. Now the drama starts. I had a dentist appointment this morning at 8AM and it went a little like this:

Nervous as crap waiting in the seat for the dentist to come in (hoping he wouldn't show up and I could leave! :)

Shot in the mouth that I had a bad reaction too. My body goes limp, my hands are shaking, I feel totally weird and my heart is POUNDING out of my chest. The dentist says it has to do with something in the shot.

Recover in chair from near death experience.

Lay me back down and give me another shot. (This one goes well)

Let me sit there for 15 minutes while they wait for me to go numb.

Dr. comes back in...I am still not numb...so I get ANOTHER shot!

Let me sit there for ANOTHER 15 minutes while they wait for my mouth to go numb.

Dr. comes back in...I am still not freaking numb...SO I get ANOTHER FREAKING SHOT!!

Sit there for another 15 minutes.

When the doc comes back I am FINALLY numb, but I can't keep my mouth open so they insert a little device in between my teeth to keep my mouth open.

My mouth stayed open for a good 1.5 HOURS...talk about sore jaw.

Come home and wait 5 freaking hours for my mouth (let me rephrase that...my cheek, chin, tongue, teeth, gums, ear, temple, etc. etc.) to start to un-numb!!

Finally after 6.5 hours, the numbness is gone, but my mouth is SO sore and I think it is from the shots...not the fillings.

Guess I'm gonna start flossing...


We just finished swimming lessons for the summer and I can't believe how much the kids learned. They had an AWESOME teacher who worked really well with them (whitneypool.com). She is teaching swimming lessons throughout the winter and I think I will put the kids back in swimming lessons either November or January! (Her pool is indoors of course...) I managed to get a picture of Ryder and Isabel right before my camera's battery died (story of my life....). Heather got some pictures of Kya and Kambree at swim lessons, so I will post those when she Emails them to me (HINT HINT HEATHER!!). Ryder is able to swim under water without plugging his nose for quite a while. It took him a while to learn to not plug his nose, but once he caught on, he took right off! Kam and I did Mom & Me classes and she LOVES the water. The teacher was really impressed with how well she did everything and told me that I should put her in a higher class level next time. Which is kind of sad, because I really enjoyed the Mom & Me classes.

Ryder has this smile that is so fake...(and cheesy!)


Kam turns 3 on Saturday. I can't believe how big she is getting!! We celebrated her birthday a week early at Grandma Becky and Grandpa Brent's pool (THANK YOU!!!) because they were going to be out of town for her birthday! We started the day off by giving her an early birthday present...a bike girl princess bike! She was so excited and is SO good on the bike. She cruises everywhere & now she doesn't have to steal the neighbor kids' bikes because she now has her own! :)

Opening presents!
Fun in the pool!
Her princess cake! It didn't turn out as well as I liked and I felt really bad I didn't make her cake, but Costco did a decent job and she LOVED the princess on it!
Blowing out her candles! She was so cute--when we sang Happy Birthday to her she sang along only singing "Happy Birthday to me"!
Thanks to everyone who came...it was fun! I'll post more on Saturday when we go do something on her birthday!



Friday was HOT, so the kids and I got out the slip-n-slide!!! It was so much fun. Kambree couldn't quite figure out how to slide down it, so she army crawled her way down...

but then she finally figured it out!!

Ry, however, is the MASTER SLIP-N-SLIDER!!! He went head first, feet first, on his back, on his stomach, on his kness, etc. etc. etc.

Aspen (Ry's little neighbor friend) came over to join in the fun!





Friday we met my friend Carrie and her kids at Thanksgiving Point to go through the Dinosaur Museum. Ryder always wants to fly through there as fast as he can, so he was getting a little anxious because I wanted to take it slow. (I have timed us before and we have made it through the whole dino museum, including the sand/water station and the digging sand at the end, in less than 14 minutes.)

Standing in front of the T-Rex (Ry's favorite)

Ryder pretending to be a Velociraptor.

Breck & Kambree playing in the Sand/Water.

Ry & Kam sitting on the baby dinosaur. (I swear, I could not get him to smile like a normal human being...!)

Kambree playing in the sand.
I was so proud of Kam on this trip to Thanksgiving Point. EVERY TIME, WITHOUT FAIL SHE GETS IN A FIGHT WITH THE OTHER KIDS IN THE DIGGING SAND!! She will either push them or throw sand all over them or steal their little brushes. But, no, not this time! She was such a nice girl...imagine that!!!!


Since Kam's hair is pretty long and I usually pull it up, I put a lot of product in her hair. I was complaining to my sister that her hair was never soft and that the kid shampoo didn't work very well. And she suggested that I use my shampoo & conditioner on her hair... UM HELLO!! WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT? IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENTIST! So, the kids are taking a bath and I am explaining to Kam that we need to use mommy's shampoo on her hair now and to be careful with it so it doesn't get in her eyes and then next we get to use some stuff that will make her hair really really soft. To which Ryder replies: I want to use that too, I want my hair to be really really soft.


So, not only does Kambree suck her thumb, but she also does THIS:

My sister Heather is petrified of touching her blankets and I don't blame her. She has to have a fleece blanket with the tied ends. Then, when she is sucking her thumb she takes one of those and sticks in her nose and pulls it in and out. IT IS THE WEIRDEST AND MOST DISGUSTING HABIT EVER!!!


Last Saturday B participated in his FIRST TRIATHLON!! The day started off pretty rainy so the bike part of the triathlon was canceled. So I guess, technically, he participated in his first BIATHLON. :) Hmm...sounds weird.

Garrett W., Garrett G., Breck, B, & Brandon
(Just a little side note: A Sprint Triathalon is Child's Play for Garrett W. and especially since the bike part was canceled. So, he swam & ran next to the other guys & gave them some MOTIVATION!!!)

In the pond getting ready to swim!

B was the 2nd person in his group to get out of the water.

Transition Area. They normally would be getting ready to do the bike, but since that was canceled the run came next. (B is in the back getting his wetsuit off & his running shoes on!)

Out of transition

Running to the finish line. B finished 7th in his group overall. Not bad for his first tri.

After the race. Good Job Guys!!

And while we were at the triathlon my brother in law BEN was running the Squaw Peak 50 mile Trail Run, in the rain and the snow and the sleet and the mud.... He finished the race somewhere around 12 hours. (12 HOURS....THAT'S HALF A FREAKING DAY!!!) That is an insane amount of area to cover and especially in those conditions. Seriously, Ben, you are such a motivated person and you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I know I am late posting this, but the computer has been down and I am just now going through the pictures on my camera. For B's birthday we got together with a few friends and family and spent the evening at the pool. We had a BBQ and did a little swimming. Thanks to everyone who came!

B giving Ryder a piggy back in the pool!
Hairy (B's brother)

Kam chillin' in her float!

Ry in his goggles!

Bobby & Brooklynn

Carrie, Breck, Roman & Garrett
Grandma Becky & Jett

And let's not forget this sweet cake I made!! I thought it would not be complete without my face on that hot body! :)



So, I have been trying to be greener (I don't want to be a granola tree hugger by any means) but I would like to do better.

I haven't done a lot to be green, mostly because I am not very knowledgeable in that field, but we have done a couple of things:

*We gave up on bottled water. Americans drink about 167 bottles of water each year, but only recycle an average of 23 percent of those. That leaves 38 billion water bottles in landfills every year. AND plastic bottles take 700 years before they begin to decompose in a landfill.
*I don't use paper plates, bowls or cups anymore. It's unnecessary to fill up a landfill when I can wash my own dishes!!
*I just started watching the new Planet Green channel. (It has great shows and HILARIOUS commercials) Go HERE to find out what channel it is on in your area. I can't wait to learn more! Today they even went organic wine tasting...that's my kind of organic!!
*We eat mostly organic food, almond milk, almond cheese, etc.
*And my most exciting feat yet...I just signed up with Spanish Fork City to RECYCLE!!!!! We fill up TWO garbage cans a week with GaRbAgE and it makes me sick, so I am replacing 1 garbage can with a nifty new **GREEN** one. If you live in Spanish Fork, go HERE and hop on the recycling wagon!!

That's all for now. But, I am going to continue watching the Planet Green channel and give everyone a *GREEN TIP* once a week! I would also LOVE it if you could pass on any tips or something you do to be green!!!!!!


A couple of things regarding books:

Number Uno: I just finished reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I was very reluctant to read it because.....it's about ALIENS! Not that VAMPIRES are any better to read about, but I don't love to watch/read about stuff that couldn't possibly be true. After much persuasion I FINALLY decided to read the TWILIGHT books and now they are my very FAVORITE and I might be a little obsessed with them. But, back to THE HOST, I don't know if it's because I haven't read a book in a few months and I was dying to read something, but it was a GREAT book. So GREAT, in fact, I might have liked it the same (maybe even better) than the TWILIGHT series. This books should be the 1st in a series. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!

Number Dos: My good friend, Michelle, just pre-ordered the 4th book in the Twilight Series, Breaking Dawn, just for me. It will be on my doorstep ON OR JUST AFTER AUGUST 2ND! I can't wait!!!!

In the meantime, I need another book to read. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any at all?



Happy Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great day!! I am so lucky to have you in my life and I couldn't imagine life without you. You are so much fun to be around (most of the time) and I LOVE spending time with you!! You are such a great dad and I love how much the kids love & adore you. You work so hard for us and I am so grateful that you do because it gives me the opportunity to stay home with the kids!! I hope you have a WoNdErFuL birthday and I can't wait to celebrate 100 more birthday's with you!!

I love you!

The Future Mrs. Brandon Fry (hint. hint. wink. wink.)

Daddy & Ryder at Sea World!

Four wheeling in Moab (B is in the middle)!
Daddy & Kam at work.
Brandon teaching Ryder how to ski!
Brandon in Las Vegas at the Richard Petty Driving Experience. He got to ride around the track with a professional race car driver going 180 mph+ and then he got to drive to do the same! :)
And last, but certainly not least, this is what Brandon would look like should he choose to become a transvestite & a stripper! This was taken at the Rock Star Party and B was a groupie...fRiGhTfUl!!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy BaBe!