I am going to be a vendor at the SWEET B BOUTIQUE this weekend, so grab your girlfriends and come hang out!

LOCATION: Steeplechase
13368 Tuscalee Way
Draper, UT 84020

WHEN: Saturday, May 30th 10:00 - 4:00

Join us for a great day with wonderful women at the
Sweet B Boutique

From 10:00am-4:00pm

Hairbows, baby jewelry, handbags, sweet treats, wallets, vinyl, children's books, clothing, handmade crafts, Aprons, watches, baby blankets, scents, Avon, yummy stuff from Tastefully Simple, Professional Organizer, stamp and scrapbook supplies, networking group, shoes, prizes and more!




Both Kambree and Ryder had their graduations last week. There were SO many people at Ry's plus the seating sucked, so I didn't get any pictures of him :(, but he is so cute and so fun to watch!! Now Kambree's graduation on the other hand was both HILARIOUS and EMBARASSING. I didn't put leggings on her because it was so hot that day and boy do I regret that. The story goes:

Kambree and Miss. Tiffany (best preschool teacher. ever.)

Waiting patiently for the program to start. And being good.

Kam's graduating class.

Singing (usually 2 seconds behind everyone else. so cute though.)

Getting bored.

Singing (or yelling) some more.

And then it happened. She would show the "audience" her panties and everyone would laugh, so she would keep doing it. After several dirty looks from me, I finally went up behind her (during the program) and whispered in her ear (with a smile on my face) "If you show your panties one more time I am taking you to the car and beating you!" As I walked away, she did that pose above and apparently every time I would turn my head she would flash everyone and then giggle. It was SO annoying. After the program a mom came up to me and said "at least she kept her panties on." Yep, thank goodness she did.

Getting her diploma!

All done with school for the year!! Good job on the program Kam, (minus the flashing parts) you did great and I love you lots!!!!



Ryder insists on wearing those socks with shorts and shoes because he hates "mini" socks. WHY?!?!

Kam had CIRCUS DAY at school last week. So, we dressed her up silly!!



I have an idea! Go HERE!!

These are perfect for Graduation & Teacher Appreciation Gifts. This is what my kids' teacher's will be getting...along with a bag of treats!!



My little guy turned 7 on the 7th. We were suppose to have his family party on Sunday, but Kam and I came down with the flu. Not the SWINE flu, people, just the stomach flu....YUCK!!! So, we rescheduled and had his party on Tuesday. He wanted a "motocross" cake and that is just what he got! Well, I tried, at least!

While we sang Happy Birthday to him, he made his stomach sing Happy Birthday along with us....don't ask. I have NO idea where that came from.

And then it looks like his shirt came off:

He opened presents:

And got some good stuff.

Including an awesome Nerf Gun that shoots out 3 bullets per second (SOOO fun), roller blades, a scooter and some cash!! Thanks to everyone who came!

Thursday was his REAL birthday. I woke him up with breakfast in bed (waffles, peaches, juice and a candle on top). He LOVED it. He even got to eat breakfast in the living room while watching cartoons.


Kam and I took Wolverine cupcakes to his class and then after school we went to Toys R Us and Ry was told he could pick out whatever he wanted. He chose: a didj (handheld gaming device) with an Indiana Jones game to go with it.

On the way home we passed some goats and with his best "mom, it's my birthday can we please stop" voice. We stopped and the owners were out, so they let the kids in the cage to chase the coats and hold the 2 week old baby goats. Highlight of his (and Kam's) day!!!

Then, it was off to fishing lessons with Grandpa Brent, Grandma Becky, Grandpa Larry & Grandma Glenda. Even though it was his birthday, he still didn't catch any fish... :(

After fishing lessons was his birthday dinner that he was SO excited about. He got to choose the menu and it was:

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
Pumpkin Pie with Cool Whip

Then Friday was his FRIEND party. We invited 19 1st graders and 15 showed up. I am crazy, I know this.

We opened presents:

played games and had a BANANA SPLIT BAR. (Ry chose this instead of cake & ice cream). The bar had:

Chocolate Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream
Strawberry Syrup
Chocolate Syrup
Cool Whip

The kids LOVED it!! All in all it was a great birthday week for Ry. Now, I am exhausted. And he has a sugar high.

Happy Birthday Buddy....I LOVE YOU!!!!!!


Brandon took Ryder to Supercross a couple of weeks ago. They went with our friends Steve and Ashley and their little boy Corbin. They had a great time, despite the rain and the migraine B got towards the end (they had to leave early because of it). Ryder was SO excited to go!!!!

Ashley, Steve & Corb
Awww....I love my boys!!

I don't know why he always does that... It's like his signature move! :)

Kam & Max

I just ran across this going through the pictures on my camera. Kambree LOVES the cat!!! In fact, she is always telling me to be nicer to Max....