Mom's Birthday and the Dentist

We celebrated my mom's birthday with a "luau". Good times!

The birthday girl in her sweet outfit!

Grandpa and Kambree



Bella eating Kam's ice cream cone!

Mom and Dad

Kam and Morgan. I'm not sure if they are playing or fighting!

happy birthday to the best mom ever!!!
love you!!

Then Kambree had to go to the dentist. She had 4 cavities (suck...I know) and 3 of them were so bad they had to kill (I think?) the nerve. BUT..she was awesome getting the work done. Didn't flinch once, not even when they gave her the shot. She said she had tons of fun at the dentist. Who doesn't, right? :)

The dentist made a comment to the assistant saying how he wished all his patients were as good as Kam, even the adults! She got an award for "best patient of the day" and when the assistant asked Kam how many prizes she wanted for being so good Kam said "one hundred eighty one". She didn't get that many prizes, but close to it. She got spoiled by them!!

Here she is numb after the dentist:

OH yeah...did I mention that's now a $727 smile? Sweet.



We went to Bear Lake for the weekend. SUN, SAND and WATER!! I did not want to come home and am already planning my next trip there....

Ry eating a GINORMOUS marshmallow around the campfire.

Kam collecting sea shells on the beach.

The goods:

B hanging out

Kambree taking a mud bath:

Ryder playing in the water:

Ry and Kam playing in the water:

Ry and Kam with their new friend, Ari...(who is also his girlfriend that he LOVES).

The kids again with some of their new friends.

Fun on the BEACH!

And then we found this thing in our camp:

It was a HUGE blow snake. It had a head when it came into the campground, but that thing was vicious and it's head had to come off. Needless to say, I had the creepy crawlies the rest of the time in camp. The kids loved it though!

I couldn't believe how good the kids were in Bear Lake. I don't think they fought once. They kept occupied playing on the beach, building sand castles, finding sea shells, floating in the water, swimming and meeting lots of new friends!

Can't wait until next time!!!



We had a FUN and BUSY fourth of July weekend!! Our friends invited us to go boating with them at the lake on Saturday. Then we left the lake and headed to the cabin for the night and ended up at the in laws for a pool party on Monday!!

Kam sportin' her new shades thanks to Aunt Bree!

Ryder on the boat. He can NEVER just smile for the camera...

Kam got to drive the boat and was in HEAVEN...

This has to be the best picture ever!! I LOVE IT!!
And then I forgot to take pictures at the cabin and the pool party. Next time. Next time, I will remember!



I know it sounds so cliche...but I really can't believe that my baby girl just turned 5. Where does the time go?

We had a ROCKSTAR party for Kambree and Graden, my nephew (who share the same birthday).

Neither one of them were very excited about having to share a birthday party. So, we made each of them their own STAR cake!!

And I promised Kambree a separate party with just GIRLS! And she had a SWIMMING LUAU PARTY!!




Ryder turned EIGHT on May 7th. I can't believe how fast he is growing up. It's crazy! He had lots of fun. Parties (yes, plural), presents, family & friends. He kept telling me this was "the best birthday EVER".

Wednesday: Shopping for presents, balloons, cake toppers, plates, napkins, cups.....
Thursday: Birthday Shopping & Dinner with Grandma Becky and Grandpa Brent
Thursday Evening: Family Birthday Party
Friday Afternoon: Donuts for a Birthday Treat at School
Friday After School: Friend Birthday Party
Friday Night: Friend Sleep Over
Saturday: Birthday Dinner (Ryder always wants Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup)
Sunday: Thank Goodness it was Mother's Day, cause Mama was tired! ;)

We got Ry a bike for his birthday. B was so excited to give it to him (and sick of Ry asking him if he had fixed his flat tire on his other bike) that he gave it to him a couple of days early. Which, is NOT like B at all. That's something I would do. Ry loves that his new bike has pegs, is lighter and came from a "pro bike shop..not Wal-Mart like most bikes."

I asked Ry what kind of cake he wanted for his party and he drew me a picture. Cake flavor, icing colors and decorations. I love that he designed the cake! ;) This is what it ended up looking like and he LOVED it. Once again..it was "best birthday cake EVER".

He is so HANDSOME!!

Opening presents at the family party:

I think he's letting us know whose birthday it is...

Then we had the FRIEND party.

(The gang. Plus tag-a-long Kam.)

We took the kids to Jump On It. Then headed home for Pizza, Presents & Asphalt Pie (Ry's pick)!

And once again, Ryder said he got the "best presents ever". I love it. He's so happy, happy to please and had so much fun on his birthday. I loved every minute of it too!!!

Love ya Buddy!!! HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!