so I better let you all know what we have been up to.

We celebrated my mama's birthday on the 19th. I don't know who really got to open the presents...my mom or the kids!!

Carnival Trip #1: Kam and her little friend going for a ride.

The next day is Carnival Trip #2. During this trip Kam wins a GOLDFISH and is in HEAVEN.

That night we hit up the RODEO. It's always so much fun. Ry is down in the box my parents buy tickets for every year. RIGHT next to the fence and lots of fun!!

The next day we, yep you guessed it, go to the carni AGAIN! Carnival Trip #3 and def the last!! Ryder, Dagen & Logen getting ready for rides!

B, Ryder & Dagen: (Ry was so much fun this year because he wanted to go on all the "BIG KID" rides!)

Kam, Logen, Graden & Dagen going for a boat ride:

Kam on the motorcycles:

Oh YES. And don't let me forget. Ryder also won a goldfish this night. We are now the proud owners of not 1, but TWO carnival goldfish....

We went to the fireworks after, but I didn't get any pics. Spanish Fork's fireworks were AWESOME this year!

A few days ago we got invited to go boating with some friends! FUN!!

B & Ry swimming in the water:

Kam was SO happy to be in the boat and she had this funny little grin the WHOLE time!

Ry got to have a ride on the tube.

And Mandy was SO nice to go out with Kam. Kam only wanted Mandy to go with her.

Boating made the little one REALLY tired:



Over the weekend Ryder went to a birthday party, so Kam and I headed over to Heather's to hang out!

Kam, Kya & Isabel playing in the water:

Sophie got a popsicle and LOVED it:

Kam and Ky being silly:

Kam and her new glasses:

Isabel just being herself:


Every year we go to the Spanish Fork FISH RODEO with my siblings and their kids. It's a pretty fun event and the kids LOVE it (when they don't have to wait because the fish are late...). The fish were over an hour late, which had some kids grumpy, some people in line getting pushy, parent's pissed and even some mom's crying!! It was HILARIOUS!!!

They give each one of the kids a plastic baggie and they go into the pond area (about 20 kids at a time) and find a volunteer to help them. Then they get in the pond that is filled with fish and try to catch one!! Kam was worried that the fish would bite her toes, but luckily not one fish took a bite at her!

Kam and her "friend" getting in the water:

Ryder and his helper:

Kam caught her fish:

She was SO proud of her fish:

Ryder got one:

This kid LOVES fish:

After the FISH RODEO, we walk through the park and do some activities. They have bounce houses:

HAHA Apparently the bounce houses give some kids wedgies! :) I didn't notice him doing that until just now!!

And they have a tent full of games and face tattoos:

It was a HOT but fun filled day!


It's so nice to be able to go to the in-law's and swim ALL BY OURSELVES!!! Ryder started swim lessons a few weeks ago and is a fish in the water. He can swim all the way across the pool, he is learning to dive, he plays in the "deep end", all without a life jacket...(sniff, sniff). I am so proud of his swimming abilities, but it makes me sad to know how fast he is growing up.

Ry wanted me to take a picture of him swimming:

Playing "KING OF THE FLOAT". He was SO mad I made him wear a life jacket, but it was 3 kids to 1 adult and let's face it....I don't have that many eyes! :)

Dagen playing in the water:

Kam getting ready to get wet:

Swimmin', swimmin', swimmin':




We started the day with some serious waffles. Hello ReD, wHiTe & BlUe:

Then we took this little guy:

And this little girl:


Ryder got to put BLUE hair gel in his hair:

So Kam wanted some too: (this star WILL be perfected by the 24th...I promise!)

While the boys fished:

Kam had a little photo shoot: (with herself)

the tree

my hair

my earring

and Ryder trying to figure out where he could pee.

Kam showed me her rolling-down-the-hill skills:

And then we had to leave...

We had some friends over for a BBQ & roasted marshmallows over the fire. The night ended with fireworks (and mosquito bites)!