Ryder turned EIGHT on May 7th. I can't believe how fast he is growing up. It's crazy! He had lots of fun. Parties (yes, plural), presents, family & friends. He kept telling me this was "the best birthday EVER".

Wednesday: Shopping for presents, balloons, cake toppers, plates, napkins, cups.....
Thursday: Birthday Shopping & Dinner with Grandma Becky and Grandpa Brent
Thursday Evening: Family Birthday Party
Friday Afternoon: Donuts for a Birthday Treat at School
Friday After School: Friend Birthday Party
Friday Night: Friend Sleep Over
Saturday: Birthday Dinner (Ryder always wants Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup)
Sunday: Thank Goodness it was Mother's Day, cause Mama was tired! ;)

We got Ry a bike for his birthday. B was so excited to give it to him (and sick of Ry asking him if he had fixed his flat tire on his other bike) that he gave it to him a couple of days early. Which, is NOT like B at all. That's something I would do. Ry loves that his new bike has pegs, is lighter and came from a "pro bike shop..not Wal-Mart like most bikes."

I asked Ry what kind of cake he wanted for his party and he drew me a picture. Cake flavor, icing colors and decorations. I love that he designed the cake! ;) This is what it ended up looking like and he LOVED it. Once again..it was "best birthday cake EVER".

He is so HANDSOME!!

Opening presents at the family party:

I think he's letting us know whose birthday it is...

Then we had the FRIEND party.

(The gang. Plus tag-a-long Kam.)

We took the kids to Jump On It. Then headed home for Pizza, Presents & Asphalt Pie (Ry's pick)!

And once again, Ryder said he got the "best presents ever". I love it. He's so happy, happy to please and had so much fun on his birthday. I loved every minute of it too!!!

Love ya Buddy!!! HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

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